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SEE/MAPLD 2018 Tutorials and Invited Talks


SEE Testing Tutorial: Planning and Execution Basics
Ken LaBel & Jonny Pellish, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

FPGA Basics and FPGA SEE Testing
Nadia Rezzak, Microsemi

SEE Session Invited Talks

The NSRL Facility
Mike Sivertz, NSRL

AE-9/AP-9 Environment Model Update
Tim Guild, The Aerospace Corporation

Model-Based Mission Assurance
Brian Sierawski, Vanderbilt University

Combined SEE/MAPLD Session Invited Talks

New Developments in Error Detection and Correction Strategies for Critical Applications
Melanie Berg, AS&D, Inc. / GSFC

An Informal Introduction to Autonomous Driving
Dr. Xiaodi Hou, Tu Simple

MAPLD Session Invited Talks

SER Qualification and Radiation Effects Implications for Functional Safety in Automotive Electronics
Jyotika Athavale, Intel Corporation

Radiation Qualification of Mass Produced Electronic Systems at CERN
Slawosz Uznanski, CERN

Information Leakage and Mitigations: from Smartcards to SoCs
Ro Cammarota, Qualcomm

Measuring Trust
Jonathan Graf, Graf Research
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General Chair(s): SEE: Katherine Scott, The Boeing Company / MAPLD: Slawosz Uznanski, CERN
Technical Program Chair(s): SEE: David Hansen, Data Device Corporation / MAPLD: Gregory Allen, NASA/JPL-Caltech
Poster Session Chair: Martha O'Bryan, AS and D, Inc. / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Industrial Exhibit Chairwoman: Teresa Farris, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions
Local Arrangements & Registration Services: Susan Hunt, STAMP Services
Website Curator: Carl Szabo, AS and D, Inc. / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The SEE Symposium and MAPLD workshop are supported by the Aerospace Corporation, CERN, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions, the European Space Agency, the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program, and Sandia National Laboratories.

SEE Symposium and MAPLD are sponsored by SEE Symposium, California