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Sunday - May 17th, 2015
Welcome to SEE/MAPLD
5:00:00 PM

Workshop Registration and Registration Reception

Soledad Ballroom

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
8:00:00 PM End of Registration Reception
Monday - May 18th, 2015
Single Event Effects (SEE) Sessions
Start Time Session Talk
7:30:00 AM Registration in Salon A Foyer
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
8:40:00 AM Introduction
Opening Remarks
9:00:00 AM Measurement Techniques and Facilities
Chair: Anthony Amort, Boeing
Investigation of Sub-Micron Focusing of Pulsed X-rays for Single Event Effects Testing
David Cardoza, The Aerospace Corporation
9:20:00 AM Online Measurement of Heavy Ion Energy at the SEE Test Facility in FLNR
Semen Mitrofanov, FLNR JINR
9:40:00 AM Break (30 mins)
10:10:00 AM Measurement Techniques and Facilities (cont.) Two-Photon Absorption Induced Charge Deposition in Silicon by Ultrashort Optical Pulses: Quantitative Considerations
Dale McMorrow, Naval Research Laboratory
10:30:00 AM Devices and Technologies
Chair: J.J. Wang, Microsemi
Invited Talk: Single Event Effects in FinFET Technologies
Norbert Seifert, Intel Corporation
11:00:00 AM Radiation-hardened Optically Reconfigurable Gate Array Using a Negative Logic Configuration Without Necessity of a Dedicated VLSI
Minoru Watanabe, Shizuoka University
11:20:00 AM Invited Talk: Soft Errors Handling for Commercial Terrestrial System
ShiJie Wen, Cisco Systems
11:50:00 AM Lunch (1 hour & 20 mins)

11:50AM - 1:10 PM
1:10:00 PM Devices and Technologies (cont.) A Comparison of Single-Event Transients in Pristine and Irradiated AlGaN/GaN HEMTs using Pulsed Laser Light to Generate Carriers via Two-Photon Absorption
Stephen Buchner, Naval Research Laboratory
1:30:00 PM Radiation Induced Single Ion Switching in Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors
Adam Bushmaker, The Aerospace Corporation
1:50:00 PM Panel Session:

RHBD for Future Technologies

RHBD for Future Technologies

Panel: Anthony Wilson, Cobham; Jonathan Pellish, NASA/GSFC; David Merodio Codinachs, ESA; Lewis Cohn, NRO; Brett Attaway, Synopsys; Anthony Amort, Boeing

Can it be effectively implemented? Will we need it?
What can be achieved and what will the penalties be?

Panel members from major users and developers of RHBD hardened electronics will give their views of RHBD in the future and discuss questions in a Q/A session

2:30:00 PM Break (30 mins)
3:00:00 PM SEE Hardening Techniques
Chair: David Cardoza, Aerospace
Efficacy of N-well Separation in Mitigating Single-Event Upsets in Dual Interlocked Cell Flip-Flops at a 20-nm Bulk CMOS Node
Nelson Gaspard, Altera Corporation
3:20:00 PM Layout based RHBD for Sequential and Combinatorial Logic
Klas Lilja, Robust Chip, Inc.
3:40:00 PM Porting & Scaling Strategies for Nanoscale CMOS RHBD
Robert Shuler, Shuler Research
4:00:00 PM SEE Characterization
and Analysis
Chair: Lew Cohn, NRO
Single Event Transient Response of InGaSb p-MOSFETs using Pulsed Laser Excitation: Comparison between Buried and Surface Channel Structures
Jeffrey Warner, Naval Research Laboratory
4:20:00 PM Voltage Dependency of Soft Error Rates for Flip-flops in a 28nm Technology Process
Haibin Wang, University of Saskatchewan
4:40:00 PM Analyzing the Radiation Hardness of an NCL Library
John Brady, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
5:00:00 PM End of Monday Sessions
Tuesday - May 19th, 2015
SEE Sessions (cont.) and Combined SEE/MAPLD Sessions
Start Time Session Talk Event
8:00:00 AM Registration in Conference Office
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:40:00 AM SEE Testing:
Products and Applications I (ASICS)
Agustín Fernández-León, ESA
CubeSat and Mobile Processor SEE Testing
Steven Guertin, NASA/JPL
Industrial Exhibit

Teresa Farris, Aeroflex Cobham
9:00:00 AM SEE test results on SOFRADIR NGP Detector ROIC
Cesar Boatella Polo, ESA ESTEC
9:20:00 AM Single Event Effects Induced by High Energy Protons in Gumstix Computer on Module Technology
Kathleen Morse, Yosemite Space
9:40:00 AM Break (30 mins)
10:10:00 AM SEE Testing:
Products and Applications II
(Analog & Mixed Signal)
Craig Stodard, Infineon
Heavy Ion SEE Testing of Multi-gigaHertz 32nm RHBD Analog/Mixed Signal Macros
Ethan Cannon, The Boeing Company
10:30:00 AM Destructive SEE in Linear Devices with Gold-Plated Package Lid
Daniel Clymer, Lockheed Martin
10:50:00 AM SEU/SET Response of a High Speed PLL in 90nm Technology
Anthony Wilson, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions
Combined SEE/MAPLD Sessions Begin
11:10:00 AM SEE Hardening Techniques
David Cardoza, Aerospace
Invited Talk: Fail-Safe Strategies for FPGA Devices Targeted for Critical Applications
Melanie Berg, AS&D Inc. / NASA GSFC
11:50:00 AM Lunch ( 1 hour & 20 mins)

11:50 AM - 1:10 PM
1:10:00 PM SEE Hardening Techniques (cont.)
New ECSS Handbook on "Techniques for Radiation Effects Mitigation in ASICs and FPGAs"
Agustín Fernández-León, ESA
1:30:00 PM Reducing Performance Degradation in Software Detection Techniques on Embedded Processors
Eduardo Chielle, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
1:50:00 PM Invited Talk: Applying Best Practices for SEU Mitigation and Monitoring to FPGA Designs
Robert Perry, Synopsys
2:30:00 PM Break (30 mins)
3:00:00 PM SEE Testing:
Products and Applications III
Chair: Yanzhong Xu, Altera
Single Event Upset Characterization of Fabric SRAM in 65 nm RTG4 Flash-Based FPGA
Nadia Rezzak, Microsemi
3:20:00 PM SEUs Effects on Virtex-5 SRAM-based FPGAs: Radiation Experiment of New Analysis and Mitigation Method
David Merodio Codinachs, ESA
3:40:00 PM Single Event Effects Testing Results in Sandia National Laboratories Via Programmable ASIC Platforms
Jeffrey Black, Sandia National Laboratories
4:00:00 PM Single Event Effects in Microsemi’s Radiation-Tolerant reprogrammable RTG4 flash FPGA
Durwyn Dsilva, Microsemi
4:20:00 PM Micro-Latchup in 7-Series FPGAs and Other Ongoing XRTC Investigations
Gary Swift, Swift Engineering and Radiation Services, LLC
4:40:00 PM Solar Particle Event Detector inside FPGAs
Robért Glein, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
5:00:00 PM End of Tuesday Sessions
5:30:00 PM Industrial Exhibit Reception

5:30 - 8:00 PM
8:00:00 PM End of Industrial Exhibit Reception
Wednesday - May 20th, 2015
Combined SEE/MAPLD Sessions (cont.) and MAPLD Sessions
Start Time Session Talk Event
8:00:00 AM Registration in Conference Office
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:30:00 AM

Single Event Error Rate Prediction
Chair: Les Palkuti, DTRA

Proton Cross-Sections from Heavy-Ion Data in Deep-Submicron Technologies
David Hansen, Maxwell Technologies
Industrial Exhibit
8:50:00 AM 32 nm SOI SRAM and Latch SEU Cross-sections Measured (Heavy Ion Data) and Determined with Simulations
Marek Turowski, Robust Chip, Inc.
9:10:00 AM Invited Talk: Geant4 - Recent Developments and Applications for SEE Simulation
Makato Asai, SLAC, Stanford University
9:40:00 AM Break (30 mins)
10:10:00 AM Single Event Error Rate Prediction (cont.)
Invited Talk: Prediction of Single Event Error Rates for Space: From Devices to SOCs
Manuel Cabanas-Holmen, The Boeing Company
MAPLD Sessions Begin
10:40:00 AM SEE in FPGA
Chair:Melanie Berg, AS&D
Invited Talk: Microsemi Next Generation Radiation Tolerant FPGAs
Ken O'Neill, Microsemi
11:10:00 AM The Use of Benchmarks for Radiation Testing
Heather Quinn, Los Alamos National Laboratory
11:30:00 AM A Preliminary Investigation of the Xilinx Kintex-7 GTX Multi-Gigabit Transceivers in Heavy-Ion Irradiation
David Lee, Sandia National Laboratories
11:50:00 PM Lunch ( 1 hour & 20 mins)

11:50 AM - 1:10 PM
1:10:00 PM Special Proton Session

Special Proton Session

Introductions and presentations from
more than ten major proton facilities

Current findings from the government
team exploring options

The "new guys": Cancer therapy sites
that are on-line across the U.S.

3:00:00 PM Break (30 mins)
3:30:00 PM SEE in FPGA (cont.) Invited Talk: General View on ESA Work on Mitigation for COTS FPGAs
David Merodio Codinachs, ESA
4:10:00 PM Invited Talk: XILINX VIRTEX-5QV Qualification Update
Kangsen Huey, Xilinx
4:50:00 PM End of Wednesday Sessions
Poster Session and Happy Hour Begins

5:15:00 PM




8:00:00 PM

Poster Session

Chair: Martha O'Bryan,
AS and D, Inc. /
Dependability Modeling Methodology for Reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Rafał Graczyk, Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN
(Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences)
Pulsed X-ray and Laser Single Event Latchup Testing of an Operational Amplifier
Stephen LaLumondiere, The Aerospace Corporation
Predicting Single Event Coupling Delay in Nanometer Technologies
Selahattin Sayil, Lamar University
Design of Testable Adder Circuits for Spintronics Based Nanomagnetic Computing
Himanshu Thapliyal, University of Kentucky
SEU and SET Measurements for Hardened Sequential and Combinatorial Logic in 32nm SOI Technology
Mounaim Bounasser, Robust Chip, Inc.
The Feasibility of Automated Black-box Detection of Anomalous Behaviour on a Device Using Differential Frequency Analysis
Pater Ateshian, Naval Postgraduate School,
Jasper vanWoundenberg, Riscure North America
8:00:00 PM End of Poster Session and Happy Hour
Thursday - May 21st, 2015
MAPLD Sessions (cont.)
Start Time Session Talk
8:00:00 AM Registration in Conference Office
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
8:30:00 AM SEE in FPGA (cont.) Invited Talk: Accelerator Radiation Environment and the Use of FPGAs in those Environments
Helio Takai + Michael Wirthlin, Brigham Young University
9:00:00 AM Embedded Processor and Programmable SoC
Chair: Gregory Allen, JPL
Fault Injection Results of Soft Processors within the Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA
Michael Wirthlin, Brigham Young University
9:20:00 AM Migrating SoC Designs to 4th Generation Flash-based Devices
Jan Andersson, Cobham Gaisler AB
9:40:00 AM Break (30 mins)
10:10:00 AM Embedded Processor and Programmable SoC (cont.) Invited Talk: Safety-critical Multicore Activities within Automotive and Avionics
Jürgen Becker, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
10:40:00 AM Neutron Radiation Test Results of the Linux Operating System Executing within the CHREC Space Processor (CSP)
Michael Wirthlin, Brigham Young University
11:00:00 AM RC64: High Performance Rad-Hard Manycore with FPGA Extension for Telecomm Satellites and other Space Applications
Ran Ginosar, Ramon Chips
11:20:00 AM A Novel Frame-level Redundancy Scrubbing Technique for SRAM-based FPGAs
Jorge Tonfat, UFRGS
11:40:00 AM Lunch (1 hour & 30 mins)

11:40 AM- 1:10 PM
1:10:00 PM Design and Verification Methodologies
Chair:Dave Borowski, Lockheed Martin
A Methodology for Safety Critical Aerospace Firmware Design
Stefanos Skoulaxinos, UTC Aerospace Systems
1:30:00 PM Performance and Fault Analysis Using a Virtual Platform
Jon McDonald, Mentor Graphics
1:50:00 PM Simplified UVM for FPGA Reliability
Shashi Bhutada, Mentor Graphics
2:10:00 PM Systems and Applications
Chair:Robert Perry, Synopsys
In-Space Debugging to Detect Errors caused by Single Event Effects
Florian Rittner, Friedlich Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg
2:30:00 PM Integration of Fourier Transform Spectrometer Electronics into a Fault-tolerant System-on-Chip for Exploring Harsh Space Environments
Xabier Iturbe, NASA/JPL
2:50:00 PM A Rad-Tolerant FPGA Design for NASA GSFC's MMS Mission
David Thorndike, Zin Technologies, Inc.
3:10:00 PM End of MAPLD Sessions and Workshop

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Poster Session Chair: Martha O'Bryan, AS and D, Inc. / GSFC
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