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Registration Procedures for the 2018 SEE/MAPLD Workshop

Ground Rules For All Attendees
  • Name badges are required for admittance to the technical sessions, exhibits, and other functions

  • Registration and badges may not be shared

  • Badges are to be used by the person named on the badge
Attendee Registration

To register, complete the information and submit payment at:

If paying by check, make the check payable to "SEE Symposium" and mail it to:

STAMP Services, LLC
9308 Freedom Way NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

For questions, contact:

Susan Hunt

All meals and evening functions are included in the Attendee registration fee.

Exhibitor Registration

Each Exhibit Booth registration includes two (2) "Exhibitor Staff" only and one (1) Exhibitor "Technical Attendee" COMP. To assure accurate information for the Attendee Directory, the Exhibitor Technical COMP attendee must complete an Attendee Registration form online. If you have more than two (2) exhibitor staff or one (1) technical attendee, or additional business guests, additional registration fees are required. Contact Susan at STAMP Services for assistance.

For Exhibitor Staff: Email names, e-mail address, and city/state (if different from Exhibit Booth registration) as these names are determined. Meals and evening functions are included for Tuesday (all day) and Wednesday (breakfast and lunch) functions.

Guest Registration

If you have a personal guest that would like to participate in any of the food functions listed, indicate this on the attendee registration. If you would like to charge the guest fee to a different credit card, contact Susan at STAMP Services for assistance.

Hotel Reservation

Please refer to our Hotel Information page to reserve your room for SEE/MAPLD



Contact Us
General Chair: SEE: Jeff George, The Aerospace Corporation / MAPLD: Melanie Berg, AS&D, Inc./NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center
Technical Chair: SEE: Katherine Scott, The Boeing Company / MAPLD: Slawosz Uznanski, CERN
Poster Session Chair: Martha O'Bryan, AS&D, Inc. / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Industrial Exhibit Chairwoman: Teresa Farris, Cobham Semiconductor Solutions
Local Arrangements & Registration Services: Susan Hunt, STAMP Services
Website Curator: Carl Szabo, AS&D, Inc. / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

SEE Symposium and MAPLD are supported by Cobham Semiconductor Solutions, the Aerospace Corporation, Brigham Young University, Lockheed Martin, the NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging Program, the Naval Research Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and Vanderbilt University.

SEE Symposium and MAPLD are sponsored by SEE Symposium, California